Clean, Enhance, Rejuvenate

Let me help transform your audio recordings.



Voice Recordings

Improve Intelligibility

Edit out dead air, um’s, er’s, thumps and mistakes. Level out vocals and reduce sibilance (ssss sounds).


Eliminate Unwanted Sounds

Reduce background noise and hum. Remove clicks, pops and crackle.


Enhance listening experience

Apply equalisation and compression to provide balance and color.



Mix in intros/outros, advertisements and music for podcasts, web videos, and audio books.


Reignite and preserve

Breathe new life into old, tired, and treasured recordings.


Spread the word

Ready your audio files in the correct format for the public domain.

“Alec does awesome work and acts very professionally. Good, fast and reasonably priced.”

Trace Mayer – Host of the Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast

“I have used the services of Alec Wren to manage the sound for several of our live Fight Sport Events. His friendly and easy going attitude has been an added bonus, especially in a high pressure environment. I highly recommend Alec’s services and will definitely use him again in the future.”

Sy Nadji – Rebellion Muay Thai

Clients Include

Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast




Orange Fountain Film Makers


The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast sees monetary expert Trace Mayer interview top people in the Blockchain and Fintech space.

Professional film company creating corporate storytelling that portrays passion and evokes emotion.

About Me


I am a qualified Audio Engineer who edits and restores recorded sound for a range of applications. I have a deep fascination with 3D-sound technology and its role in the age of virtual reality (VR) experience.

Capturing great audio can be hard, with so many factors influencing the end product. If you have a recording with too much room sound, background noise, volume fluctuations or errors – I can help whip it into shape.

I have been closely following the blockchain/bitcoin space since 2013. I am excited by its far reaching potential, particularly as an enabler for artists to more efficiently manage their digital assets and income.

As a bitcoin and blockchain enthusiast, I happily accept bitcoin as payment. If you wish to pay in bitcoin, please enquire for special rates.



Portfolio Samples

Samples from previous work including client expectations, and the processes used in enhancing the recording.

View Here



I enjoy hearing about your projects. I’m currently based in Melbourne, but can easily collaborate with teams and clients remotely. If you have a job to discuss, please contact me below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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